Course Syllabus for Token based Ethereum Voting

Course Syllabus for Token based Ethereum Voting

In this course, you will build a Dapp which implements the shareholder voting at a company. The dapp will be built using the Truffle framework. You will create a smart contract that accepts payments, issues tokens and lets the token owners vote for candidates using their tokens.


This course builds on the free beginner course - Simple voting on Ethereum. Students are expected to have completed the beginner course before starting this course.

Truffle Framework

Learn to install and use the Truffle framework to build and manage the smart contracts. Transition the contract and HTML/CSS/Javascript code from the first course to use the truffle framework. Learn the process of compiling and deploying contracts using the Truffle framework.

Concept of Tokens

Understand the concept of tokens and example use cases for tokens. Go over the idea of shareholder tokens and the architecture of the dapp we will be implementing in this course.

Ethereum Voting Token/Contract Payment

You will extend the Voting contract to implement the concept of tokens. You will also implement the payments logic for users to buy shares/tokens in the company and vote for the candidates using the tokens.

Web3js Frontend

You will learn to use the web3js library and implement the necessary code to interact with the contract to purchase tokens, vote for the candidates and look up voter information.

Deploy to public network

You will learn to deploy your contract to the public testnet (Ropsten network) and interact with your application using Metamask.


You will learn to test your smart contract by writing tests in Solidity and Javascript.
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