Course Syllabus for the Simple Ethereum Voting

Course Syllabus for the Simple Ethereum Voting

This is a beginner course ideal for any one with very basic or no knowledge of the Ethereum blockchain. In this course, you will build a simple decentralized Voting application. At a high level, the application you build will be an Ethereum smart contract where you create an election and intialize a list of contestants in the election. You then allow users to vote for the candidates. All the voting and the vote storage/counts are stored on the Ethereum blockchain.


Students are expected to have a basic understanding of an object oriented language (Python, Ruby, Java etc), HTML/CSS & Javascript and comfortable interacting with the command line. Understanding of databases in general will be helpful.

Basics of Ethereum

Learn the basics of Blockchain, Ethereum blockchain in particular and compare the Ethereum architecture with a client-server architecture to understand Ethereum better.

Development Environment Setup

Step by step instructions to set up the development environment on various operating systems (Linux, Mac, Windows) to start building decentralized applications.

Voting Contract Implementation

Guided walkthrough of building the Dapp. This will include writing the smart contract code in Solidity programming language, compiling and deploying the code on to the blockchain, interacting with the contract using the nodeJS console.

Build the frontend

You will implement the frontend using HTML/CSS/Javascript to interact with the smart contract through a simple web page.
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