Advanced learning for Blockchain developers

We constantly get asked by our students what they should do after completing our courses to gain more expertise in the blockchain space. We suggest students to work through the following to get better at writing secure smart contracts.

1. Ethernaut: Ethernaut is a wargame with 20+ challenges. Solve these challenges to gain a lot of advanced knowledge and security best practices.

2. Capture the ether: Another challenge which is good to go through is Capture the Ether. Again, it will help you gain more understanding of smart contract security.

3. Hack this contract: More good exercises to get better at writing secure smart contracts.

4. Smart contract best practices: This is a pretty comprehensive list of best practices including all the tools available to you as a smart contract developer. You will learn a lot studying the material in this resource.

Do you have any suggestions to add to the above list? Please let us know and we will try to include it.