How to Use the Site

This is a demo Non Fungible Token application deployed on the Ethereum Ropsten Testnet. The token contract address is 0x6f2443d87f0f6cb6aa47b0c6a310468163871e94. Below is a brief explanation of how the site works. Note that you will need metamask plugin installed to interact with the site. If you haven't already installed, you can find the details to install here.

Create NFT

  1. Non Fungible Tokens in our app represents random graphs. These random graphs have various properties that make it unique and ideal for representing them as tokens
  2. Anyone can create a Non Fungible Token to represent these random graphs. You can not create more than one token with the same graph properties.
  3. Play with various graph properties on the create NFT page and once you are happy with the graph, click the "Create NFT" button.
  4. The graph will be saved as SVG, uploaded to IPFS and a token will be minted on the Ethereum Ropsten testnet blockchain
  5. You can see all your tokens on the "Your Tokens" page

Trade Tokens

  1. We have a simple exchange where you can list your tokens for sale or purchase tokens
  2. If you would like to list your token for sale, you have to first give the Exchange the approval to trade on behalf of you. Click the Approve button on your tokens page to give approval
  3. If you own a token, you will see a box to enter the price and list your token
  4. If a token is for sale, you can buy the token. Once the payment is confirmed, the token is transferred to you

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at hello 'at' zastrin 'dot' com.