Course Syllabus for Token based Ethereum Voting

Course Syllabus for Build Ethereum dapp using Web3.js and Truffle Framework

In this course, you will build a Dapp which implements the shareholder voting at a company. The dapp will be built using the Truffle framework. You will create a smart contract that accepts payments, issues tokens and lets the token owners vote for candidates using their tokens.


This course builds on the free beginner course - Build a simple dapp on Ethereum. Students are expected to have completed the beginner course before starting this course.

Course Chapters

  • 2.1. Setup the contract and html file
  • 2.2. Compile, deploy and interact with the contract through truffle console
  • 2.3. Javascript Setup with web3.js
  • 2.4. Implement the Display Vote Count function
  • 2.5. Implement the Vote for Candidate function
  • 2.6. Handling Metamask Conflict
  • 2.7. Truffle course summary
  • 4.1. Truffle webpack box setup
  • 4.2. Declare Solidity constructor and contract variables
  • 4.3. Solidity token buy function implementation
  • 4.4. Vote for Candidate function implementation
  • 4.5. Voter Details lookup function implementation
  • 4.6. Deploy and interact with the contract through truffle console
  • 5.1. Project HTML Setup
  • 5.2. Render Candidates
  • 5.3. Render Votes & Token Info
  • 5.4. Purchase token implementation
  • 5.5. Vote for Candidate frontend implementation
  • 8.1. Voting dapp course completion
  • 8.2. Further Reading
  • 5 hours of content
  • Support forum
  • Lifetime access
  • Free content updates