Course Syllabus for ERC-721/NFT - The Complete Developer's Guide

Course Syllabus for ERC-721/NFT - The complete developer's guide

This is an intermediate level guided course where you learn to build an application based on Non Fungible tokens. You will build a smart contract to represent your assets as NFTs and store the assets in IPFS. You will also learn to use the OpenZeppelin library to extend the contract to fit your needs. You will learn to build a simple Token Exchange and implement the functionality to buy and sell tokens in the Exchange. This application will be built using the Solidity programming language using the Truffle framework, Javascript and HTML/CSS. IPFS will be used to store your.


This is an intermediate Ethereum development course. Students are expected to have completed our free Ethereum primer course and at least our free beginner course.

Overview of Tokens

You will learn what tokens are, various categories of tokens, crypto tokens and their benefits and various token generation mechanisms.

ERC/EIP Process

There is a process to propose standards in Ethereum. You will learn what ERCs and EIPs are and the process to propose a spec.

ERC-721 Token Implementation

This section covers all the details about ERC-721 spec and you will understand and implement the entire spec in Solidity.

NFT Application

You will learn to extend the Open Zeppelin library and create your Non Fungible Token. You will learn to implement the logic to represent your asset (Random Graph in our case) as Non Fungible token and mint the tokens. You will learn to implement the frontend and utilize IPFS to store your assets. We will use Truffle framework to implement and manage your smart contracts and the frontend application.

Token Exchange

There is no fun in just creating NFTs. This section covers everything you need to trade your tokens. You will build a simple exchange where your NFTs can be bought and sold. As part of this, you will learn and implement the token approval and transfer functions.
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