Zastrin teaches you Ethereum blockchain programming through real-world projects.

We work with blockchain based companies to understand the business problems and model our courses around it. Our guided tutorials help you build the projects from ground up and learn the concepts along the way.

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What will you learn in this course?

Ethereum Basics

An overview of a basic blockchain, Ethereum blockchain and other concepts required to build dapps.


Solidity is the programming language of choice for building Ethereum decentralized applications. We will implement our contracts using Solidity.


Truffle is a development framework which abstracts away many complexities of Ethereum blockchain development and helps accelerate your development. Our Dapp will be built using the truffle framework.


The goal of these courses is to help you understand the concepts of the Ethereum blockchain and build real-world decentralized applications.
By the end of this series of courses, you'll be able to build your own decentralized applications.

Voting on Ethereum - Part 1
This is the first course in the series where you build a simple Decentralized Voting application. This is a beginner course and covers the following:
  • Basics of the blockchain and the Ethereum blockchain architecture
  • Detailed steps to install the necessary software to run the blockchain in your dev environment
  • Implement Voting contract in the solidity programming language
  • Build and deploy the decentralized application on to the blockchain without using any framework
  • Interact with your contract through the NodeJS console
  • Build the UI and interact with your contract through the web page
  • Estimated Time To Complete: 2 hours
    Voting on Ethereum - Part 2
    This is the continuation of the Voting course where you learn important concepts that are key to understanding Ethereum. By the end of this course, you will be in a position to build your own decentralized applications. This course will cover the following:

  • Steps to install and run the public blockchain using the Ethereum client software (Geth)
  • Build the voting application using the truffle framework
  • Deploy the voting application to the Ethereum Ropsten testnet
  • Learn to interact with the contract through the truffle console
  • Build the UI in truffle and interact with your contract through the web page
  • Learn the concept of tokens by implementing the token feature in the voting contract
  • Integrate payments in to your voting application to buy and sell the tokens
  • Estimated Time To Complete: 5 hours
    Decentralized eBay on Ethereum & IPFS
    Introductory Price till Sept 25th
    This is an intermediate level guided course where you will build a decentralized marketplace similar to eBay. This application will built using Solidity language/Truffle framework, Javascript and HTML/CSS. Few key libararies that will be used to build the application include web3js, ipfs-api and ethereumjs-util. Some of the features you will implement in this course are:

  • List items in the marketplace
  • Store product image and details on the IPFS
  • Offchain solution for displaying and filtering products using Web3js Events
  • Vickery Auction for bidding on the items in the marketplace
  • ENS Style logic for bidding/revealing/finalizing auctions
  • Create Escrow contracts on the fly (at runtime) between the buyers and the sellers
  • Implement 2-of-3 multisig solution to refund/release funds to the buyer/seller
  • Estimated Time To Complete: 30 - 40 hours
    Ethereum Token Exchange
    This is another intermediate level project where you will build an ERC20 Token exchange. At a high level, you will accomplish the following:
  • Learn the concept of ERC20 tokens and implement the token
  • Build a token exchange to trade tokens.
  • List your token on the token exchange along with other fellow students
  • Buy and Sell tokens through the exchange
  • Testimonials

    Andrew d zastrin testimonial

    Andrew D

    Software Developer

    Blockchain programming can be confusing since it’s so new but Zastrin provides great courses on getting started and understanding important concepts. They are well written and easy to follow for someone who has experience building software applications. I highly recommend it!
    Julia zastrin testimonial

    Julia W

    Recent Brown University Grad

    Zastrin has some of the most comprehensive, clear and relevant set of learning materials for programming with the Ethereum Blockchain. As someone who spent plenty of time searching for tutorials, Mahesh's content stood out to me and is always up to date -- it's what gave me the most "lightbulb" moments.
    Andres zastrin testimonial

    Andres S

    Software Engineer

    Excellent beginner course for building Dapps on Ethereum. Most up-to-date and helpful tutorial out there that will help you get started with Solidity and Truffle.